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Lessons in Success From Those Who Travel at the Sharp End of the Plane

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Inspired by a True Encounter with Sir Richard Branson

Inspired by the true story of a flight with Sir Richard Branson, Millionaire Upgrade blows the lid off the accepted belief that successful entrepreneurs are a breed apart, possessing some special magic.

Through the combined wisdom of interviews with 50 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, this book takes you on your own personal master class in business success, as experienced through the eyes of Tom, a frustrated employee who is upgraded on a long haul flight, and finds himself sitting next to self made millionaire Michael.

During the flight Michael shares the science and secrets behind his own entrepreneurial success.

Better than any inflight movie, Millionaire Upgrade gets you inside the minds of successful entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires giving you the inside track on how they think and act... and how you need to think, act and make decisions too to duplicate their success in your own business.

Here's just a little of what you'll learn in the book:

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Millionaire Upgrade

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