Thinking of Starting a Business? Get 29 Millionaire Mentors to Coach You in the Millionaire Mindset and Fast Track Your Success.

You want to start your own business…

…you want to make the break from the 9-to-5 world and work for yourself…

…you've taken the first steps, perhaps read a few books, been to a couple of seminars, but you still have many unanswered questions.

Who do you turn to?

Who can guide you … help you ... support you to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Have you ever thought about having your own mentor?

Somebody whose been there before... done it... got the t-shirt. Somebody who can show you the way to navigate through the choppy waters -- which all business owners find themselves in from time-to-time.

Consider this...

Imagine having a successful millionaire-entrepreneur as your partner … working alongside you, helping you build your business … warning you before you make mistakes … giving you simple ways to quick profits …

Imagine having someone like Duncan Bannatyne egging you on when your cash flow evaporates … or Sir Tom Hunter – Scotland’s richest man – telling you what to do as you gasp for orders after Christmas …

Or imagine having someone with the sheer drive of Simon Woodroffe sharing with you inside tips that bruising experience gave him – the attitude that propelled him to mega wealth, starting as late as 40 …

Then imagine not just three such mentors – but 29! Twenty nine who’ve been where you are – and done it. People like Lord Bilmoria, who built Cobra Beer when business “experts” said he was crazy … Or Lord Harris, who made two fortunes out of carpets.

In fact, imagine such people mentoring you every day! The short-cuts, the time saved, the money made, the ‘under the radar’ techniques their experience would bring you.

Now you can with Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme.

Their 'inner thinking and personal profit growth strategies' – revealed for the first time

These serial entrepreneurs have amassed hundreds of years’ of experience. There is no substitute – and it’s yours on tap.

They tell you things others don’t – like you don’t need a brilliant new idea – just to do things better. They don’t talk fancy big business theory but practical know-how.

Each of these business superheroes has proven their ability by making extraordinary profits – most from scratch with or now little capital, against the odds.

Whether your goal is to have a profitable company which earns you £100,000 a year, or you want to create a business which you can sell for many millions of pounds or dollars, the 29 millionaire entrepreneurs in Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme, will be your torchlight, guiding you through the fog (which is entrepreneurship) to give you clarity in your thinking, certainty in your decision making, and decisiveness in your actions.

With the likes of serial entrepreneur Luke Johnson sharing his own story with you and keeping you focused, energised, inspired, and driven, you'll be given a daily boost of confidence and practical know-how.

You'll have Nick Wheeler - the founder of Charles Trywhitt speaking to you each day, giving you direction, as he shares his own wisdom and experiences, which you can learn from, borrow and steal his ideas and proven strategies for your own business.

You'll have Sir Christopher Evans - the founder of Merlin Biosciences keeping you on track, filling you with belief, courage, and energy. Inspiring you to take on the daily challenges which come with creating and building your own company.

"The secret of success is actually doing it. There's an awful, awful lot of people who stand in the pub talking about how to be successful – or how to start a business, or sitting at home watching television and thinking about it – but they don't actually do it. If you're going to be successful you've got to start a business – and the way you do that is stop watching telly and take the leap."

Duncan Bannatyne (Millionaire MBA Entrepreneur, "Dragon" on Dragon's Den (BBC2) – worth £300m+)

Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme is like no other mentoring system available to you today (and it's affordable to any level of entrepreneur)

You have on tap 29 self-made UK millionaire entrepreneurs, who have between them made virtually every mistake in the book, but have come through to create companies with combined valuations of many billions of dollars.

You'll have the likes of Julie Meyer, the founder of First Tuesday and now Ariadne Capital, talking to you each day for 20 days, as she shares her own compelling story with you, and tells you what worked for her, and more importantly, what didn't!

You'll have Chris Rucker, the founder of the £50m+ turnover White Company and a mother of five children giving you practical, ready to implement business-building advice.

You'll have Lord Harris on tap. Lord Harris is the founder of the retail chain, CarpetRight. This is Lord Harris's third carpet business, and over the years he has proved time and time again how to build multi-million pound companies - and he tells you how you can do it too.

Each of these, plus scores of other entrepreneurial millionaire mentors speak to you each day over 40 days, as they guide you and hone the way you think, act and make decisions.

Here's a peek into just eight days out of the 40 day programme:

Day 7 - 35min : 26 sec - How to Develop Your Unstoppable Confidence & Belief

In Day 7 you:

Day 9 - 26min : 40 sec - How to Eliminate Your Fears, Doubts and Limiting Beliefs

In Day 9 you:

Day 13 - 30min : 40 sec - Harnessing The Power of Goals: The Master Key to Your Success

In Day 13 you:

Day 15 - 28min : 43 sec - How To Make the Most (and Profit from) of Every Hour Your Have in the Day

In Day 15 you:

Day 10 - 28min : 33 sec - How To Develop Your Iron Strong Persistence: Your Guarantee to Reach Your Goals

In Day 10 you:

Day 5 - 30min : 53 sec - Overcoming Failure: The Essential Ingredient For Your Success

In Day 5 you:

Day 8 - 31min : 41 sec - How To Turn Risk into Results: It's Not About Risk, It's About Results

In Day 8 you:

Day 12 - 35min : 16 sec - People: You Cannot Do it Alone

In Day 12 you:

If you seriously want to grow a multi-million pound business, you simply have to get the very best role models, advice and training. Who would you choose to provide that? The only people you can really trust to give you the genuine methods of success are those who have, themselves, created a stunningly successful business (and made a million pounds/dollars/euros or more) from scratch.

With Millionaire MBA you have 25 award winning business leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners, plus 4 international business gurus share their proven repeatable strategies - to help you and your business grow faster, cheaper and more profitably.

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