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Do you run your own business (large or small)?

Do you know you can make it more successful... more profitable?

Do you want to reach more customers... generate more sales, more cash -- but need help taking your business to the next level?

29 Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneurs Mentoring You

With Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme, you'll have on tap 29 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs mentoring you as your take your business to a whole new level.

The business masterminds featured in the Millionaire MBA are all award-winning UK based entrepreneurs who have built million pound or multi-million pound businesses (and show you how to too!).

Many of them are familiar names in the world of entrepreneurship or whose companies are well known consumer brands. Many are featured in the Sunday Times Rich List or appear regularly on television or in the media. Many have been recognised by the Queen of England for their outstanding contribution to entrepreneurship.

The Millionaire MBA also features 4 experts in business and motivation. Each expert is a recognised best selling international author and/or public speaker, as well as having owned or currently owning a million pound business.

Included in the 29 masters who’ll guide you through two months of learning are the entrepreneurs behind successful companies such as :

  • The course includes an entrepreneur who started selling shoes from the back of his car, and went on to sell his business 18 years later for £280m. Tom Hunter is now Scotland's Richest man and has pledged £100m of his £500m fortune to philanthropic causes.

  • The Millionaire MBA includes an entrepreneur who started with negative equity when he sold his house in the early 1990s, but after reading “Think and Grow Rich” went on to co-create a business which was later sold for £42m. Chris Gorman then built his next business from scratch, and in 14 months sold it for £35m – all before he was 35 years old.

  • It includes the entrepreneur behind Eidos, one of the world’s fastest growing companies in the 1990s. Stephen Streater retired in his early 30s, but soon returned to start a new company when he discovered that owning a business was more fun!

  • You’ll hear from Mandy Habernman, the inventor of the Anyway up cup who wanted to sell her product in leading supermarkets. Having already been turned down many times before, she filled a cup with Ribena and put it loose inside a white box and posted it to the buyer at Tescos. Days later, they agreed to stock her product.

  • You’ll hear from Lena Bjorck who catered for the American Ambassador and three thousand guests, cooking from a single oven in her flat. Impossible you may say – but not when you have the millionaire mindset.

  • You’ll hear from Stuart Wheeler who funded the early years of his business from the winnings he made at Bridge. He later went on to sell his company for £140 million.

  • You’ll hear from Debbie Burke who started her recruitment company with a credit card and a £10,000 overdraft. She has now built up that company into a multi-million pound business.

  • You’ll hear from Duncan Banntyne who started his career by buying an ice cream van for £450, expecting to fix it up for a profit, but instead went on to build his own fleet. After selling that company, he built a chain of nursing homes, then a chain of children’s day care nurseries, and more recently, a chain of fitness clubs. You’ll find him and many of the other entrepreneurs featured in the Millionaire MBA in the Sunday Times Rich list.

  • The course includes several entrepreneurs who started their businesses with the help of the Prince’s Trust or similar organisations and have gone on to create create million pound companies. As with all the featured entrepreneurs, they started with limited access to capital, and some, heavily IN DEBT!

  • The Millionaire Mindset - The Essential Trait

    The one thing you’ll find in common with all the 29 entrepreneurs and experts is that they each have the millionaire mindset.

    Collectively, these unique entrepreneurs included in the Millionaire MBA have generated combined company valuations and personal wealth well in excess of £2 billion.

    This course combines a huge asset base of knowledge from those who are true experts in their field. The entrepreneurs - both men and women, recount many experiences of how their businesses began, the troubles they faced and how they resolved them.

    More importantly, they tell you how YOU can do it too.

    Here's a little more of what you'll discover in Millionaire MBA.

    Our 60-Day RISK FREE Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee...

    If at anytime within 60 days, even after having listened to the full 40+ audio mentoring sessions, you are anything other than delighted with the extraordinary level of advice and insights you receive from the 29 mentors, please return the programme to us for a full, prompt and courteous refund (We're confident that will not happen though!). We only want happy customers who achieve results from which the mentoring programme can bring to their businesses (and personal lives).

    The greatest achievers in business, in sport and in life all have their own mentors - and here is your opportunity to tap into the power of 29 of the UK's greatest business mentors.

    You are one decision away from being mentored by 29 of the UK's greatest entrepreneurs who can help you achieve your own personal and business goals.

    Your 29 millionaire mentors in Millionaire MBA include the men and women who started or grew businesses such as Pizza Express, Carpet Right, YO! Sushi, Cobra Beer, Bannatyne Fitness, Strada, The Ivy, First Tuesday, Merlin Biosciences, DX Communications, Birthdays Greeting Cards, The Gadget Shop, IG Index,, ecademy, Eidos, Forbidden Technologies. This is less than half the list.

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